Thomas Prior Hall

Capacity 160

Price Per Person €75 - €99


Newly refurbished in early 2016, Thomas Prior Hall has additional unique features such as a stylish contemporary bar area, a mobile dance floor, inbuilt lighting systems, an advanced PA system, air conditioning units and a unique mantle hearth. The new state-of-the-art air conditioning units installed behind the wooden panelling ensure that your guests remain cool and comfortable. Founded in the 19th century, the building was originally used as Masonic Girls’ School and many of its original fittings and features are still standing today.



When inside Thomas Prior Hall, you can use the secret staircase that leads you up to the choir balcony. From the choir balcony, you can take photographs overlooking the banqueting room while guests dine or raise a toast. In the banquet room, the surrounding walls are made of striking wooden panelling. If you look closely at certain parts, you will see some of the work of past students! The large stained glass colonial windows are a striking feature in this space along with the high ceilings and crystal chandeliers.


Merrion Road, Dublin, 4, Co. Dublin