Powerscourt Hotel & Spa

Capacity 400

Price Per Person €100 - €150


 A shiver of anticipation, a promise of something truly magical, the chance to make your special day everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Nestled in secluded woodland, with the achingly romantic backdrop of the Great Sugar Loaf Mountain behind, Powerscourt Hotel is the perfect place to set hearts racing, to forge memories and to realise dreams. Powerscourt will work with you to capture all those little elements,bringing them together to create a bespoke wedding that’s all about you. At Powerscourt Hotel, you’ll enjoy the reassuring flexibility to create just the sort of occasion you always hoped it would be.

You can trust that every wedding celebrated at Powerscourt Hotel is a very special occasion. Their Wedding Planners don’t simply plan, they are dream makers, there to inspire. Powerscourt understand that every wedding is different, individual, personal so they’ve carefully created a selection of elegant wedding packages. Think of these as dream sparkers, let them start you on your way.


Tinnehinch, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow